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Internet Access in Romania


Romania has several Internet access providers that offer advanced services such as Internet messaging via mobile telephone, Internet paging, international roaming, and more.

A number of Internet retail outlets and cyber-cafes in almost every town offer convenient Internet access. An increasing number of hotels offer data ports with high-speed modem connections for guests to access the Internet and retrieve e-mail in the comfort of their rooms. So if you have a laptop, bring it with you. Most of above-mentioned companies offer telephone, internet and TV in one package.

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  • Jamie., 06 March 2010 Reply

    Romania Internet Access Options

    Internet access in Romania is very fast and relatively cheap. In Bucharest and major cities you can expect metropolitan speeds of up to 100m/bit if you can receive cable or fibre from RDS. Over 30m/bit is very common and the service is presented over LAN. The cost for this would be around 15EUR per month.

    You also have the option of a DSL line from Romtelecom clicknet which offers VDSL at 30m/bit. This service is currently costing around 20EUR a month.

    If all else fails, Vodafone and Orange both offer HSDPA mobile broadband. Common speeds are around 2mbit with theoretical maximum of 7.2mbit increasing to 22mbit soon.

    In summary, Romania's internet situation is far superior to many western european nations and you have no trouble at all.