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Healthcare in Romania


Medical care in Romania is not up to Western standards and some medical supplies are limited, especially outside of major cities. You need to be aware that many doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for health services. Being covered is strongly recommended.

Before moving or traveling to Romania, check with your insurance company to confirm whether your policy applies overseas and will cover you in Romania. You should also check whether you will be covered for medical evacuation to your home country and what level of coverage you are entitled to for different situations. From a practical point-of-view, it is important to establish whether your insurer will pay the overseas provider directly or if you pay and your insurer reimburses you later.

In larger cities there are hospitals and private clinics which have medical emergency facilities. If you are working/going to work for a Romanian company, it is likely they will have a contract with a medical clinic. Ask your employer for details about this.

There are many pharmacies in Romania. For some medicines a prescription is necessary, otherwise you cannot buy them. The majority of pharmacies are in bigger cities/towns, where you should be able to find the medicine you need. Below is a list of different Romanian pharmacy websites for further information:

Availability of medical care

Every big city has a number of well-equipped hospitals, but in some small cities or village areas, you may notice that quality health care is low. Facilities, medical supplies and medication can have limited supply and availability. In big cities, you also have the option of private clinics. With regards to dentistry, there are many private clinics. Prices are generally much lower than in other European countries. This means that people have started to travel to Romania for treatment in the area.

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  • Cristina Mocanu, 26 January 2010 Reply

    CarpatiaGroup, Time of Healing in Romania!

    I object! Yes, it is true that outside major cities, it is difficult to find easy medical facilities providing extensive medical care in various specialties, but is not this happening everywhere else in the world?If you search for a hospital outside Paris or London, is the situation improving much???CarpatiaGroup is providing world class medical services in Romania, in our own network of dental clinics .Also, we do have strategic partnerships with plastic surgery clinics, with ophthalmology clinics, with fertility clinics, we do collaborate with top surgeons and medical professors, all world wide known and reputed specialists in their fields.There are many things to be done, like in many other countries, but the quality of the medical act provided is one of the highest.The private sector is growing steady and more and more practitioners are opening more clinics and hospitals.visit, and you will admire the new pavilions of many state own hospitals, not only the private clinics.